Multi Service – encompassing multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place and process. Among the areas of business influenced by this approach are sustainability, productivity, profitability, risk mitigation and business continuity.

Provision of soft services has evolved into an interdisciplinary industry promoting strategic partnerships, single point of contact, consolidated invoicing and economies of scale. Vizual is a leading Multi Service company, specializing in the provision of soft services tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Whilst encouraging inter-divisional collaboration through shared IP and resources, success in the Multi Service arena can only be achieved by operating each business unit within the group independently. Each business unit is managed by an Industry Specialist Executive Director with a dedicated and skilled operational team.

In recent years the need arose for a truly holistic service provider, but current structures found it close to impossible to make the transition while maintaining service levels. As a result most of these companies have either stagnated or returned to their core business.

At Vizual, we have analysed the business models and identified and learnt from these past failures to bring to the market the first truly holistic service offering, providing a range of services and products with in-house competencies and experience. Our approach and business structure allows for flat decision making and smooth and instant transition between products and services.


We commit to being at the forefront of this ever changing industry enabling us to deliver an unsurpassed service. We will continue to instil in our staff, the passion and commitment required to succeed. WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT… Only through commitment and integrity WILL we become THE service provider of choice and Our staff will ALWAYS be our most valued assets.


Vizual will through innovative ideas and access to the most advanced systems and products available, provide our clients with an exceptional integrated service. We will attract, motivate, lead and incentivise a team of like-minded individuals who share this vision. Through dedication and commitment to service excellence we aim to become the service provider of choice to those focussed on delivery beyond expectations.