Social Responsibility


From humble beginnings to a thriving business Hendrick, the creator of these very special trees has become a house hold name and the demand for his Christmas Trees has been overwhelming. By pure chance and a little destiny, a colleague came upon Hendrick selling his trees on the side of the road.

Little did Hendrick know that in time, he would be working fast and furiously as the orders came pouring in and they continue!. Each tree is uniquely special and meticulously made with love and care. Hendricks original order from Vizual was to make 10 trees for valued Clients and to date he has made in excess of 120 trees.

Hendricks passion and creative mind has inspired so many and he has become part of the Vizual family. By giving back to the community and Hendricks vision, we will continue in assisting him and his family in making a better life for themselves.

Donations are welcome. For more information please contact Wendy on 021 555 0355 or