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What We Do

At Vizual Multi Service Group, we provide well-trained, compliant and professional armed guards to various businesses and organisations in and around Cape Town and the Western Cape. We ensure that the safety of our clients and staff is guaranteed before placing any armed response on site. Our goal is protecting property such as malls, shops, hotels, private buildings, corporate offices and various others, as well as their assets. With our use of innovative ideas and our advanced 24-hour intelligence centre, we provide an exceptionally integrated security service.

Security Services

We are a PSIRA registered site and in alignment with the National Key Point Act. Vizual Multi Service Group has post-specific trained guards that deliver the following services:

Manned GuardingAccess Control & PatrollingCCTV Operators (on and off-site)Receptionist Services, Concierge Service/ Front of House Service, Receivers and Checkers, VIP Protection Services, Investigations and Consulting

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Manned Guarding

Our security patrol ensures the safety of your business on the outside. Our service assures you that your business or organisation will not be infiltrated, allowing you to continue to continue exercising effective business operations. Our manned surveillance service gives you a security guard that provides a constant presence at the site being guarded. Our security staff wears a standard uniform and has specialised equipment to help protect and restore peace to your premises.

Access Control & Patrolling

Vizual Multi Service Group utilises and trains the best security patrol to help you feel safe and secure in your own offices. With the use of manned security services, you can be assured that Vizual is helping you with your day-to-day operations. Our patrolling services provide on-site security who patrol the premises to ensure your safety. They deter criminal activity and ensure that your staff and goods are protected. The access control system not only restricts who can go where at certain times of the day and night, but it also provides a trail of the times that employees access the facility providing you with peace of mind regarding all movements on-site.

CCTV Operators
(on and off-site)

We provide CCTV monitoring both on and off-site. We are equipped to provide you with quality monitoring services that will help ensure the safety of you and your employees.

Receptionist Services

When it comes to our clients, service excellence is everything. Therefore, Vizual offers receptionist services that utilises trained staff members to take your business to the next level.

Concierge Service/ Front of House Service

First impressions are everything, and for a business, it is everything. This is why Vizual trains staff and upskills them to help businesses and organisations make their best first impression. We offer a concierge and front of house service for clients who are looking to create a professional atmosphere.

Receivers and Checkers

We train staff members to help clients with handling inside and outside security. Our staff is skilled to handle security and patrolling.

VIP Protection Services

We have trained security staff that respond and act accordingly in any situation. Vizual supplies businesses who need intense protection measures to help the business environment feel safe, as well as its employees.


In the event that a business has been compromised, Vizual deploys trained security staff who investigate any infiltration or security breaches for the continued safety of our clients. We offer VIP protection services for clients’ who feel their businesses or employees are at risk.


At Vizual, we understand that various businesses need different measures of security. That is why we offer a consulting service whereby you can consult with us regarding the type of security measure it is that you need for your business.

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