A new financial year has approached, and businesses are gearing up to tackle each obstacle they had last year with a fresh new perspective. The books are out, and the delegation of tasks and budget commence. However, modern business needs a clear understanding of who will manage what. In earlier days, outsourcing seemed possible only for larger companies, but nowadays outsourcing has become the norm. It has become more effective and cost-efficient. But when it comes to outsourcing company management it’s hard to identify how it will be incorporated into a new financial budget, and what will remain in-house.

In this blog we will unpack the benefits of outsourcing and help you answer the question: is outsourcing the best option for you?


Outsourcing company management allows for flexibility. With management services, you gain flexibility by focusing on strategic issues that are impacting your business. Company management, such as Vizual Multi Service Group, helps manage the flexibility in the business so planned projects do not suddenly end up behind schedule.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “time is money”? In this case, it is true. The biggest concern for businesses is the cost of company management. Outsourcing is more cost-effective. In a fast-paced environment, businesses don’t have time to hire in-house company management. Out-sourcing cuts the cost of recruitment and alleviates the search for in-house recruitment because the work will be handed over to those who are experts in the industry. Hal Sirkin, senior vice president and director in the Boston Consulting Group in Chicago and head of the firm’s global operations practice, says that outsourcing cuts costs “across a number of dimensions”.

When a company needs expertise for the business’s growth and success, availability is always a tricky subject. Either a business cannot find the right candidates to do the job, or they struggle with their sourcing. In this event, company management businesses are effective because of their extensive range of trained personnel and their attention to that area of expertise. According to Manpower Group, almost 72.8% of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled candidates and 45% of employers are concerned about finding employees with necessary talents.

Outsourced companies help businesses deliver fast and quick results. It saves businesses time and money because there is no need to train employees in the desired expertise. Morris Cohen, professor of manufacturing and logistics at Wharton, says that “by outsourcing, you gain access to that superior knowledge and capability. There are also companies that outsource for capacity. They know how to make a product but don’t have the capacity, or they don’t want to invest in how to make it”.

It is essential for companies that do not necessarily operate in a required area of expertise to outsource management companies who can provide the required service. For instance, a supermarket may be in the market for security guards to help protect customers from danger, but the supermarket is not trained in the operations of security, therefore, it is more useful to outsource a company that can carry out security operations.

Company management businesses source and train highly efficient staff members who will produce work with a faster result. It is imperative for companies to know that the quicker the job can get done, the more money you save.

Accredited companies are important and imperative to any company that is looking to outsource. It establishes the company as a leading expert in their field of operations and it also creates trust between businesses that any area of expertise will be performed in a professional and timeous manner. It also protects the brand of a company to be accredited and shows transparency.

In the new financial year, be wise about managing your business. Apart from being cost-effective, outsourcing is a strategic move that allows businesses to receive competitive advantages. Contact Vizual Multi Service Group for an array of expertise in company management.