Security Services & Equipment

Vizual Multi Service provides an integrated security solution to a broad spectrum of clients across various vertical industries.

  • Corporate
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Educational Facilities
  • Retirement Homes
  • Hospitality

Guarding / Technology

Security guarding is the physical presence of personnel to protect property, people and assets against the threat of entry, assault, theft and criminal damage. Vizual provides trained, skilled Officers that are fit for purpose to best carry out the task they are contracted to perform.  Access control is to minimize the security risk of unauthorized access to premises, it is a fundamental component of security compliance programs that ensures integrated security, and technological   policies are in place and adhered to. Most companies and estates have the physical infrastructure and barriers to limit access, but the ever-evolving sophistication of crime (both external and internal) requires the 

access control systems are complex and can be challenging, there are many different controls that need to be applied to specific environments such as Visitor Management and Control, Digital Driver Screening, Contractor and Staff Management, Supply Chain Management, Container and Seal Tracking, Digital Gate Passes, Fleet Inspection and damage Control. 

With many years of experience Vizual is a market leader in the Integration of well-trained man guarding and technology to protect our client’s premises. As an extension of your team, Vizual will protect, respect, and proudly uphold your brand.

Commercial and Retail Security

Vizual understands the security needs of commercial properties and retail spaces where there is often multi tenancy and shared common areas. Experience is required when securing sites requiring a different approach and different solution. 


Our proven “best practices” guarantee that we will mitigate your risks within the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution sector. We manage knowledge of product control and the processes that need implementation and policing within the warehousing and supply chain environment.

Residential/Estate Security

Estate living is buying into a “lifestyle” and securing this “lifestyle” requires an approach that is ever changing and evolving to protect the residents. Every estate is unique, and the security requirements and needs can only be correctly determined following in-depth dialogue and comprehensive risk analysis. 

Access must be managed, controlled, and monitored and perimeters must be secure to prevent intrusion and unauthorized access. 

Once the access control, and monitoring via access tags/cards/biometrics/facial recognition/LPR CCTV Cameras, registers, Cand/or other integrated technology solutions. Our security personnel are also trained exclusively for estate requirements such as patrol duties, first aid, firefighting, and more.

Film – International & Local Productions

Vizual manages a wide variety of international and local productions. We secure the safety on the film sets, employees, and the various location sites itself. This creates a safe and secure environment for all the film crew to operate in and provides safety and security to the actors and management with peace of mind.

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Sandy Hill

Group Sales Director

As Group Sales Director, Sandy is responsible for the sales and marketing of the group’s diverse service offering. Sandy has 20 years’ experience in the security and cleaning industry and has built a reputation for providing integrated solutions to all sectors of the market. With a hands-on approach, Sandy offers solutions that effectively and efficiently provide our clients with the peace of mind achieved through sound partnerships.

Riette Coetzee


Riette’s previous experience of a disciplined environment helped her further diploma studies in public relations and business. In Cape Town, she joined The Cleaning Specialists on a Marketing- and Operational level where her knowledge for the industry grew to a great extent. Later, Riette joined Vizual as Operations Manager and was promoted to General Manager in January 2014. As of 2016, Riette has been serving as the Executive Director.

John Christian Miners

Executive Director

John matriculated at D.F. Malan High School and obtained his security training in the SA Air Force, completing 3 ½ years’ service before joining the Private Security Sector.   John became the Western Cape Regional Director for Bidvest Magnum. John joined Vizual as an Area Manager, later became Operations Manager and he is currently the General Manager for our Guarding division. John believes his mutual respect and communication with the workforce has been a good attribute to his success in this industry.

Oagile Mochwariemang

Financial Director

After completing his studies in auditing in Mafikeng, Oagile moved to Cape Town and joined our finance team in June 2007. Through his commendable work ethic, dedication and hard work, he has made a significant contribution to the growth of his department and remains a key person in the company.

Thabisa Sinyondo


From the beginning of her career at Vizual, in 2002, Thabisa had great ambition and burning entrepreneurship. We implemented a skills transfer and uplifting programme starting with departmental orientation to enable Thabisa to gain the necessary experience and knowledge about the business. Thabisa was also given the opportunity, finance and skill to establish her own canteen and fast food business, catering to our staff and surrounding areas. In 2015, with continued knowledge transfer, skills development and financial assistance, Thabisa went on to head a division within the group and continue to uplift our staff and community at large.

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