According to Allergy UK, a survey proved that 95% of people suffer from allergies in the workplace. Research shows that nearly 40% of people struggle to do their work while suffering from allergies and hay fever. It all comes with the change in season; the runny noses and the harsh coughs that make the workdays harder to get through. Although research surveys show that 1 of 5 people who suffer from hay fever take time off from work to manage their symptoms at home, it remains detrimental to the production of a business.

Below is a list of possible causes and a list of ways to prevent hay fever and allergies within the workplace.



If you are usually a victim of hay fever and allergies, it’s always best to speak to your pharmacist about the correct preventative treatment. Antihistamines, decongestant nasal sprays and eye drops are effective treatments to unblock noses and relieve itchy eyes.

A serious cause of hay fever may be due to bad ventilation in the office. It is crucial to rethink office ventilation as hay fever and allergies begin to worsen amongst co-workers. Keep the offices windows closed in the early mornings and late afternoons as these times are when pollen count is high.

During the day open all the windows to allow fresh air in the workspace. This will help create clean air so that your noses will not become irritated.

An office environment must always be clean. Make sure that you clean around your desk and areas that may contain or contract a heavy amount of dust. This includes your keyboard if you work on a desktop, or even behind your desktop. Although, outsourcing your cleaning services allows the production of the business to continue without the delay of doing it yourself.

Another way to combat hay fever or allergies is to rearrange your desks once in a while to clean hard to reach spots. Also, move the desks away from the windows so that you are not affected by the pollen.

Try removing plants from the office, especially ones that the soil is likely to mould because this can cause irritation to the nose and make eyes itchy. If you prefer to lighten up the office space with plants, try using allergy-free or plastic plants.

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